Demo 2015


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Recorded by Trevor Vaughan at the Colloseum in New Bedford, MA


released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dedication
Make me strong
when I'm too weak
to see the good
in my enemy.

"The earth grows cold.
The heathen rage.
The story's told.
Turn the page."

**Music by Rich Gaccione & Free.
Second stanza of lyrics respectfully borrowed from Cormac McCarthy.
Track Name: Vow
And now we feel let down

by the way you act,
by the way you pose
like you got something to say.
But we hear hear nothing, fucking nothing at all.
And still you stand on your stage,
but what the fuck for?

Don't you know we want something more?
Born, raised to defy you: The proud and privileged to-know-nothing-fools
and their empty, hollow, religion of cool –
when there's a war of injustice and hurt out there:
the coward and cool sit back and block their ears.
But I can't, I won't, play deaf to the sound
of a culture with its head in the ground.

No I won't stay down like a fallen tree.
I won't stay down like you want me.
I won't stay down cause I once vowed to be counted and stand the fuck up:

to blissful, ignorant fools,
and to the sad, violent moronic thugs.

But to my brothers & sisters dying to be free, and fellow seekers of substance & peace:
I won't play blind when I can see.
I won't play dumb when I can think.
I won't play quiet when I can speak truth:

To power that dumbs this down to a violent place.
To power that can't hear me, I'll scream this in its fucking face:
Fooled, cheated, ripped off, no more, by your mainstream fake hardcore.
Track Name: MA Flex
I need to be myself.

“Flex your head,” and told to use.
“The kind are strong, not the abusive.”
“Open up,” cause “looks don't matter.”
“Be yourself,” not like the fucking masses–

In my youth I found my truth in songs
about the true meaning of being strong,

Yeah from YOU:
You didn't teach me what to fucking wear,
you were the scene who showed me the courage to care,
not some tough guys or stuck-up motherfuckers.

What the fuck happened to you? Fuck your violence and culture of cool.
Massachusetts, I thought you were a scene of open minds & open hearts?
Was I a foolish kid or did you mean it? Show you mean it.

**Additional vocals by Sweet Pete & Casey Nealon.
Track Name: We Live Free
When I was a kid, I'd sit alone, close my eyes and dream of a world
where all walks of life: woman & man, class & creed, any color of skin
loved who they loved as free as they can, embracing their difference hand in fucking hand,
and told I was the fool, dumb & naive - just another hopeful kid with a stupid fucking dream,
but the vision stayed, burning in me: the endless struggle to see us F.R.E.E:
Free to be
Right to choose
Equal to me
Equal to you...

I can't stand the powers that be,
and I can't stand their fucking chains on me,
so I won't stand-by with inequality,
open my eyes, rise to my feet,
never let them forget we were born to live fucking free

Free, we live free, We live free until we die
Free, we live free, We live free no matter how they try
Free, we live free, We live free and then we die
Free, we live free, We live free the eternal fight:

To live free from all the pain, from all the hurt that holds up apart
To live free to live, free to love, free to learn who we are.

**Additional vocals by Nessa Niro