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And now we feel let down

by the way you act,
by the way you pose
like you got something to say.
But we hear hear nothing, fucking nothing at all.
And still you stand on your stage,
but what the fuck for?

Don't you know we want something more?
Born, raised to defy you: The proud and privileged to-know-nothing-fools
and their empty, hollow, religion of cool –
when there's a war of injustice and hurt out there:
the coward and cool sit back and block their ears.
But I can't, I won't, play deaf to the sound
of a culture with its head in the ground.

No I won't stay down like a fallen tree.
I won't stay down like you want me.
I won't stay down cause I once vowed to be counted and stand the fuck up:

to blissful, ignorant fools,
and to the sad, violent moronic thugs.

But to my brothers & sisters dying to be free, and fellow seekers of substance & peace:
I won't play blind when I can see.
I won't play dumb when I can think.
I won't play quiet when I can speak truth:

To power that dumbs this down to a violent place.
To power that can't hear me, I'll scream this in its fucking face:
Fooled, cheated, ripped off, no more, by your mainstream fake hardcore.


from Demo 2015, released November 29, 2015
Recorded by Trevor Vaughan at the Colloseum in New Bedford, MA



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